Indus Fellowships

The Indus Fellowships are pre-university and undergratuate awards that support outstanding Malaysian students of from underserved communities to pursue higher education at Private Higher Educational Institutions in Malaysia. Fellowship recipients may pursue any course of their choice, with the exception of medicine, dentistry and pilot training.

The Indus Education Foundation, a Public Private Partnership between the Government of Malaysia and Tan Sri Datuk G Gnanalingam and other generous benefactors, provides the fellowship.

The Fellowships are awarded with the vision of developing the next generation of leaders for Malaysia - leaders who would not only excel in their chosen field of endeavour, but also who would seek to uplift others. In selecting the Fellowship recipients, the Award Committee seeks for Malaysian students of demonstrated scholarly achievement, financial need, and leadership potential.

The Fellowship typically covers all or part of the tuition and fees; in exceptional cases, it also covers living expenses and cost of books.