Najib launches new scholarship fund to assist Indian students

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30th 2014:

Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak today launched the Indus Education Foundation (IEF), offering assistance to Malaysian Indian students to complete their tertiary education at local universities and colleges.

The Foundation will provide the much needed financial assistance to deserving young Malaysian Indians pursuing their studies in institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. “As a timely and essential vehicle, this Foundation will support deserving students who have been unable to get financial support from both government and private channels and who have exhausted all channels for financial assistance.


“The Government sets yet another example of a promise to the people fulfilled. We promised to setup a scholarship fund to assist these Indian students at tertiary level, and today, we have been able to deliver our promise with this Public-Private partnership,” noted Datuk Seri Najib.

He said that both public and private sector institutions of higher learning provide places towards meeting rapidly increasing demand for university and other post-school qualifications.

It is at this level, despite the availability of government provided loans as well as numerous public and private sector scholarships and grants, where many families face financial challenges that hinder their children from completing their education.

“With this challenge in mind, the Government in 2013 committed to setting up a fund that will provide financial assistance to capable and deserving Malaysian Indian students to complete their tertiary education.

“Thus, Indus Education Foundation is launched today, to assist talented and eligible Malaysian Indian students from middle and low income families to pursue higher education at private educational institutions within Malaysia through interest-free financial support in the form of fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, medals and prizes,” said the prime minister.

Dato’ Sri Najib pointed out that the Indian community has always prioritised the importance of education for their children.

“I have seen many dedicated Indian parents who made major sacrifices so that they could guarantee their children a quality and complete education. And in partnering the community, the Government provides universal access to primary and secondary education while also currently developing facilities and resources to provide pre-school learning to all children.


Dato' Sri Najib Launching IEF by lighting Kuthuvilaku. Standing next to him is IEF Director YB P. Kamalanathan.


“We have been able to achieve remarkable outcomes in the past 5 years because of the continued “nambikei” between the Government and the Indian community. Let us continue working together based on the trust established between us as we still have much to do to ensure that hope and opportunity reaches all in the community,” he said The Prime Minister advised the youth of today who are about to decide on which path to pursue after school to really take the time to understand and think deeply about all the options available to them. He said parents and children alike should understand that medicine is but one option and there are many traditional alternatives as well as new economy fields opening up that offer huge potential in the future.

“The Government on its part is sincere in partnering dedicated Indian parents and students, and will continue to identify and work with credible partners in the community to resolve education and other critical issues facing the Indian community. The Government will also focus on building the capacity of the Indian community so that the community’s mainstreaming and development becomes sustainable and progressive.

“The Government remains steadfast in continuing its track record established since 2009 in positively transforming the Indian community and will multiply our efforts to bring changes all segments of the Indian community,” added Dato’ Sri Najib.

According to the Prime Minister, through the special Cabinet Committee on Indian Community, which he chairs, it has been coordinating its efforts to fulfill the promises made by focusing on social, educational, employment and economic opportunities and challenges faced by the Indian community.