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IEF is a public/private initiative between YAB PM of Malaysia and YBhg Tan Sri Datuk G. Gnanalingam, established in November 2014 with the primary aim of providing ‘interest-free financial support’ in the form of loans, fellowships, scholarships, bursaries, medals and prizes for:

  • Talented and eligible Malaysian Indian students from middle and low income families.
  • Pursue higher education in the fields of their choice at private higher educational within Malaysia, recognized by the ‘Malaysian Qualifications Agency’.
  • Pre-University and Under Graduate courses/studies except medicine, dentistry and pilot training

IEF provides interest-free study loans to eligible Malaysian Indian students and it covers tuition fees students who are:

  • Pursuing or intend to pursue full-time academic programs.
  • Applied and unable to receive any form of scholarship/study loan/assistance/grants from government, private sector or individuals, inclusive of PTPTN loan.

Talented and eligible Malaysian Indian students from middle and low income families.

Academic requirements are as follows:


  • A Level - 5As & above (SPM).
  • Foundation - 5As & above (SPM).
  • Matriculation - 5As & above (SPM).


  • STPM - 3.1 CGPA/2As & above.
  • A Level - 2As & above.
  • Matriculation - 3.1 CGPA & above.
  • Foundation - 3.1 CGPA & above.
  • Diploma - 3.1 CGPA & above

All applications are to be made on line / manually to IEF HQ in compliance with the following IEF forms/documents;

  • Terms and Conditions (EL 02),

IEF’s limits of financing are as follows?

  • Pre-University courses/studies maximum of RM 25,000.00 per course.
  • Undergraduate courses/studies maximum of RM 100,000.00 per course.
  • Loan to be disbursed by semesters/terms to educational institutions based on the record of good academic results as stated above.
  • Other payments (fees, accommodation, meals and transport/travelling) will be made directly to the fellows concerned by semesters/terms based on the total amount approved.

Fellows are required to officially appeal to IEF for deferment of payments with related supporting documents.

There is no dead line. IEF will process the application as it comes.