Chairman's Welcome Message

Welcome to the Indus Education Foundation !

Here at IEF, we hold to the ideal that education is a key ingredient in eradicating poverty, and it is the surest way to help uplift the socio-economic standards of communities.

Education is critical in addressing poverty because it helps individuals develop skills and intellectual capacities that will enable them to break away from the vicious cycle of poverty. Additionally, in our briskly evolving globalized world, a nation only remains economically competitive through building talented, knowledgeable and driven citizens. This is why I am committed to supporting the use of education in the eradication of poverty and in nation building.

The IEF Fellowship is not merely a study loan. It is a mark of outstanding scholarly achievements and more importantly, the Fellowship seeks to build a culture of “paying it forward”. It is my hope that our Fellows would someday emerge as leaders in their chosen fields and in turn commit their time and resources in helping others find success in their lives.

YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak and the national government have been supportive and generous partners in realizing the social goals of IEF. Echoing his thoughts, I am confident and trust that we as a community can rise to greater heights by committing ourselves towards creating a ‘Better and Brighter Future’ for our young.

IEF is blessed with a passionate and selfless team. In this website, they have created a platform for youngsters to get more information on the Fellowship and we have also created a new online application platform to make it easier for Fellowship Applicants to apply for funding. Please spend some time on this site as we have brought together other resources and links that we think may be useful in your quest for continuous learning and growth. Keep striving to grow your knowledge and to make yourself better, for only then can we together help realize the full potential of this great nation.

Tan Sri Datuk G Gnanalingam
Founder and Executive Chairman
Indus Education Foundation